Makarichev V., Kharchenko V.
Application of dynamic programming approach to computation of atomic functions

Вид документа: Стаття періодики
Автор: Makarichev V., Kharchenko V. Вид автора: персона
Мова: Англійська Обсяг: Р. 36-45
УДК: 519.857:517.956

Аннотацiя:The special class of atomic functions is considered. The atomic function is a solution with compact support of linear differential functional equation with constant coefficients and linear transformations of the argument. The functions considered are used in discrete atomic compression (DAC) of digital images. The algorithm DAC is lossy and provides better compression than JPEG, which is de facto a standard for compression of digital photos, with the same quality of the result. Application of high precision values of atomic functions can improve the efficiency of DAC, as well as provide the development of new technologies for data processing and analysis. This paper aims to develop a low complexity algorithm for computing precise values of the atomic functions considered. Precise values of atomic functions at the point of dense grids are the subject matter of this paper. Formulas of V. O. Rvachev and their generalizations are used. Direct application of them to the computation of atomic functions on d

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