Праздники и традиции Великобритании

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1. Land of Traditions//Speak Out.-2004.-№4.-p.4-7

2. Christmas the Whole Story//Speak Out.-2003.-№6.-p.2-5

3. Christmas and New Year Superstitions//Speak Out.-2001.-№6.-p.2-3

4. New Year’s Celebrations//Speak Out.-2005.-№6.-p.7

5. British Superstitions//Speak Out.-2004.-№1.-p.6

6. Who is Responsible for British Christmas? Queen Victoria!//Speak Out.-2007.-№6.-p.2-5

7. Valentine’s Day: Amazing Facts//Speak Out.-2005.-№1.-p.16-19

8. Valentines Over the Years//Speak Out.-2008.-№1.-p.12

9. Love is in the Air//Speak Out.-2002.-№1.-p.2-7

10. Red Nose Day//Speak Out.-2003.-№2.-p.2-3

11. British Wedding Customs and Superstitions//Speak Out.-2012.-№2.-p.6-7

12. Amazing Facts About Easter//Speak Out.-2011.-№2.-p.18-20

13. British Superstitions//Speak Out.-2010.-№6.-p.10-11

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