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1. Agusta Westland at full tilt to deliver AW609 on time. //Flight International.-2011.-№5320.-p.18

2. Cessna lengthens Latitude range to beat Legacy threat. //Flight International.-2012.-№5328.-p.31

3. Embraer reveals first US-built aircraft.//Flight International.-2011.-№5321.-p.22

4. Sikorsky in home straight with S-76D. //Flight International.-2012.-№5322.-p.19

5. Sold defender. //Flight International.-2011.-№5216.-p.64-66

6. Sensing tension. //Flight International.-2011.-№5314.-p.46-47

7. Return of the power turboprop. //Flight International.-2012.-№5330.-p.32-34

8. Lucky Lady. //Flight International.-2011.-№5312.-p.44-45

9. Getting Back to the Basics. //Flight International.-2011.-№5311.-p.48-49

10. Great Beyond. //Flight International.-2011.-№5312.-p.32-33

11. Grade A for D class. //Flight International.-2012.-№5327.-p.28-31

12. Electric dreams. //Flight International.-2012.-№5329.-p.42-43.

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