Volosyuk V., Zhyla S., Pavlikov V., Tserne E., Sobkolov A., Shmatko O., Belousov K.
Mathematical description of imaging processes in ultra-wideband active aperture synthesis systems using stochastic sounding signals

Вид документа: Стаття періодики
Автор: Volosyuk V., Zhyla S., Pavlikov V., Tserne E., Sobkolov A., Shmatko O., Belousov K. Вид автора: персона
Мова: Англійська Обсяг: Р. 166-182
УДК: 621.396.969:004.942

Аннотацiя:Mathematical models of the fields of stochastic ultra-wideband signals that are necessary for solving problems of aperture synthesis of images using active radar methods are presented. The expediency of using Vtransformations in these problems has been substantiated, the effectiveness of which has already been proven for the mathematical description of ultra-wideband spatio-temporal fields in the methods of passive and active radar, as well as remote sensing, that are used to solve problems of radio astronomy, medicine, navigation. Using modern methods of mathematical analysis and the theory of ultra-wideband systems, the physical essence of radio images obtained with the help of algorithms for coherent and incoherent signal processing is investigated. According to these algorithms, it is proposed to divide images into coherent and incoherent. Coherent images include those in which its amplitude and phase are recorded separately. In the case of an incoherent image, only its amplitude (power or related

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