Kyzym M., Doronina M., Doronin A.
Terminological provision and paradigm of research of the tracking Ukraine's trap

Вид документа: Стаття періодики
Автор: Kyzym M., Doronina M., Doronin A. Вид автора: персона
Мова: Англійська Обсяг: P. 22-34
УДК: 001.4:330.131.5

Аннотацiя:Unfortunately, the planned construction of an effective strategy for Ukraine's independence was not implemented. There were no constructive changes in the rules of economic life, the institutional structure of the state. Exit from crisis situations of various spheres of society, restoration of their vital activity were not provided with mechanisms of balance of economic efficiency and social justice. Thus, the problem of bringing the country out of the "trap of backwardness" has become extremely relevant. However, public authorities are left without a reliable program to address this problem. The backwardness is growing, so there is a need for a thorough review of the main ideas and technologies for diagnosing ways out of it. The purpose of the study is to determine the terminology and paradigm of theoretical and methodological support for bringing Ukraine out of the "trap of backwardness", to unite the efforts of all those interested in finding reserves to restore sustainable development of society.

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 Паралельна назва:Термінологічне забезпечення та парадигма дослідження пастки відсталості України

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 Назва головного документа:Часопис економічних реформ
 Дата видання головного документа:2021
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